A Friday Reminder

I have perspective, unique only to me. I own my own thoughts and stories and insights and am compelled to tell them all (well….most of them). I’m bound by the desire to know people and have honest, genuine conversations. I want to know their stories and tell them alongside my own. We all have stories, lessons, thoughts, and insights.

Sometimes I need to remind myself of this. Sometimes I need to remind you of this!

We’re always bombarded by others’ ideas, visions, dreams and goals, curated under the guise of perfection through social media. I get lost in the ether, and it’s easy to run away, hide, give up and not pursue our dreams. In fact, I get lost in the pursuit of even settling on what my dreams and visions are. I worry about never discovering my true purpose.

But I think we all feel this way sometimes.

We forget who we are; where we come from; what we’ve overcome; and how we’ve grown.

I have multiple dreams and ambitions. I’m only 30. I’m not too old, as society sometimes makes me feel. I have years ahead of me with more wisdom, drive and confidence every day.

Sometimes I just have to physically write this stuff down so I remain inspired and ward off any internal discouragement. Meghan, you’re good enough, your voice is uniquely yours, your dreams are yours and you can literally do anything. I encourage each of you to recite this mantra today, replacing my name with yours, of course (unless your name is Meghan too!).

Literally while writing this, more inspiration, drive, curiosity and spirit are pulsating through my soul. Happy Friday, ya’ll!

Meghan Cain-Davis
About me

Hello friends! I’m Meghan, a lady on the petite side of life, but I’ve never let that stop me. Some call me spunky others call me sassy; but I always try to round that out with some sugar. A tried-and-true realist, I want this blog to honestly capture my attempt at living life to the fullest.

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Kathie Davis
Reply January 29, 2016

Megs, I love this post. I can tell you by experience that one is never too old. My mom went back and got her doctorate at 70. I am getting my Masters at 53. My dream job didn't happen til I was 45. Dream girl, Dream!

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