A Pursuit of Coffee – Beantown Expedition #2

A Home Away from Home

I’m on display; every action observable by the strangers who pass. As I sip on the steaming mug of chai latte in my hand, I catch eyes with one of them. Her jealous countenance stabs me. I smile and she darts away.

It’s freezing in Boston right now. A strange mix of rain and ice has been released from the sky. The frigid concoction is heavy and sticks to everything it touches. I’m safe from its chill as I rest in the warm embrace of the cafe. However, the people passing by aren’t so lucky. They walk a little faster, scowl a bit deeper and walk with their heads bowed a littler lower.

Not so long ago, I was one of them. The biting breeze scraped my hands and face. She tore back my hood, leaving only a sock cap between me and the elements.

But it’s just a memory.

Now I sit at my favorite window seat in town and listen to the quiet drone of voices emitted by the people peppered around me. Jazz lends its mood, creating an atmosphere perfect for a full breath and a thought. The aroma of freshly ground coffee confiscates the room; it’s the kind of smell only dreams are made of.

This is home.

I had every intention to use this blog series to explore NEW coffee shops around Boston. However, the yuck is strong outside, and I can’t quit this one. It’s my home-away-from-home.

I first met Render after consulting my good friend, Yelp. She suggested we’d get along because of the open space and free wifi, and she was right. Yet upon my first visit, I fell in love with this place for so many more reasons.

Location – It only takes me about 10 minutes to get here. A simple two stops from Maverick, I exit the train at the State Street location, walk through the station, and exit it at the Devonshire/Milk exit. From here, I take a right, and in about 30 seconds, I’ve arrived. I know Render’s location so well it’s now used as my point of reference when navigating anywhere else in the financial district.

Seating – Every time visited (which is at least once a week since living in Boston), I’ve been able to snag a window seat. These are especially enjoyable because not only does it make for great people watching, it’s right above the heater. A steady flow of warm air makes this seat especially cozy.

Clientele – Render’s patrons are interesting and their baristas are knowledgeable and friendly. A mixed bag of professionals, students and hipsters can always be found here.

Productivity – Above all other coffee shops in Boston, I can complete work here. Plenty of outlets line the walls, a variety of seats exist and I can find just the right atmosphere to work.

Drinks – Just because this is the last reason listed, don’t under estimate its presence. In my humble opinion, this is the best place in town for a chai latte, and their Americanos are superb. I’ve never been disappointed.

For now my time at Render is about to close. Soon I’ll be that person on the street longing for a warm cup of coffee, jealous of the people sipping in the window seats. However, I’ll always know Render is right around the corner (and a train ride away).

Render Facts:

Render is a local coffee shop in Boston. Established in 2011, the original cafe is in the South End.

The Financial District location (the one this blog is about) is the newest. It was opened less than a year ago in April 2016.

An even newer location is on its way. It will serve those near Kendall Square.

Mission Statement: Above all else COFFEE

They serve coffee from two roasters: Gracenote (Boston, MA) and Tandem (Portland, ME).

The focus of Render is not only premium coffee, but also the quality and experience customers receive with an intention to create a cozy atmosphere. (I’d say – success!)

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