I’ve found myself in an interesting place. By embracing the moment and giving myself to each task at hand, somehow I’ve neglected some of the things I love the most. Reflecting on each day, manifesting the future, writing down all those little thoughts, reading fiction and non-fiction alike and listening to podcasts are some of my favorite things, all of which I haven’t been doing AT ALL lately.

Awareness of this current situation exists; I know this business is temporary. I won’t always be planning a wedding and starting a new job. But I feel like I’m losing those little pieces that are so special to me. Is this how life always is? Do we get so busy that time no longer exists to enjoy some of those things that are most special? Lately, by the time 9 p.m. rolls around, I’m ready to cuddle with Chris and just watch television. My mind is tired, but then I feel so guilty for not utilizing those few evening hours reading, thinking, talking, writing. It’s a strange juxtaposition and I don’t know how to overcome this blasé attitude. Do you all have any suggestions on giving yourself time for those special hobbies, thoughtful times?

Maybe I need to just try a little more discipline in my life, but it seems like every day is so different that routine is nearly impossible. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just complaining. Maybe it’s just one of those funks. Anyhow, it feels better to get this out. Even in the few minutes that I’ve made myself sit down, I feel better. I guess I just need to make myself sit down and hurl all these thoughts into sentences, all these sentences into paragraphs where at least I’m practicing one of the things I love.

Thanks for listening to me ramble and rant. I feel a little better and think I’ll go for a run to clear my head a little more. Have a wonderful Wednesday friends and thanks for your patience while I figure out my writing routine.

Meghan Cain-Davis
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Hello friends! I’m Meghan, a lady on the petite side of life, but I’ve never let that stop me. Some call me spunky others call me sassy; but I always try to round that out with some sugar. A tried-and-true realist, I want this blog to honestly capture my attempt at living life to the fullest.


Aunt Connie McCoy
Reply April 22, 2016

Yep, you just hit the nail on the head..the older we get..the more people we have to please & enjoy being with...we slowly put our personal entertainment on the back burner 'at times'...but it isn't permanent ;) PS I do all my reading & writing in the bathroom :) heehee

bomb it 7
Reply May 19, 2016

What's up, just wanted to say, I loved this
post. It was practical. Keep on posting!

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