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Can you believe the first month of 2016 is almost over already!? I haven’t even shared with you all my favorite albums of 2015. Every year, I reflect on my favorite songs and albums from the year before. My favorites aren’t necessarily deemed “the best” albums of the year. Nope. These are the albums that spoke to my soul; that transport me to a specific memory; that made me dance and smile.

Admittedly, I always love scouring the music lists of the previous year. My favorite is Under the Radar’s Top 100 Albums. I generally spend a good part of January pouring over the albums on their list, discovering, re-discovering and falling in love with music over and over again.

But this is the first year I’ve sat down and made my own list. Without further adieu, here are my favorite albums in particular order:


Sufjan_Stevens_-_Carrie_&_LowellCarry & Lowell – Sufjan Stevens

Duh! No brainer! If you were around me in 2015, you probably heard me go on about this album at least once. It’s spiritual, sentimental, poetic and speaks to my soul. I still listen to it on repeat; I still cry every time, especially when I choose it as my shower music. My ears are still eager and my soul still hungry with all this album has to say.



Leon Bridges Coming HomeComing Home – Leon Bridges

Leon is always there to pull me out of my self-induced Carry & Lowell depressions. I’m all smooth sailin’ after a few listens to his intoxicating voice and doo-wop tunes. His music transports me back in time. This album is especially special to me because my love and I listened to it on repeat when he was in the hospital, and Leon always made us happy.



To Pimp a ButterflyTo Pimp a Butterfly – Kendrick Lamar

I got a bone to pick, and it’s not with Kendrick. It’s with all those To Pimp a Butterfly haters. This album just makes me want to dance. I remember the day this album came out. I was flying back from Boise and listened to it all day long. I may have gone to the airport bathroom multiple times so I could dance while listening to it.



Purpose - Justin Bieber

Purpose – Justin Bieber

This album is so incredibly catchy, I can’t stop listening to it. This is one of those albums that makes me put on my ballet slippers and dance all around my apartment.



I Love you Honeybear – Father John Misty

Fjm-iloveyouhoneybearI still remember the first time I heard Chateau Lobby #4 (In C For Two Virgins). I’m not joking, I listened to it 10 times on repeat. In fact as I type this, I’m hit with the overwhelming need to take a listen. It’s been a couple months, so excuse me for a minute. I’m going to search Spotify.

OK. Now it’s playing as a type. I found it within the first month of my relationship with Chris. I don’t think I’ve ever told him, but the last part of the song these lyrics:

I haven’t hated all the same things

As somebody else

Since I remember

What’s going on for?

What are you doing with your whole life?

How about forever?

They instigated my thoughts of “forever” with Chris. So anytime I’d sing that part, I’d imagine singing them to him.



MisterWives - Our Own HouseOur Own House – MisterWives

If you need a pick-me-up, just listen to this album. MisterWives is full of energy and positivity. Mandy, the leader of the pack, is an incredible singer. When I saw her live this past summer, she literally didn’t miss a note the entire concert, and she didn’t just stand at her mic. She danced and bounced and hopped and ran from one side of the stage to another. She’s a powerhouse and so are all the guys that back her up. To be honest, I kind of want to be bff’s with the entire band.

I know this is an arbitrary number, but I just wrote down the ones that meant the most, and it happened to be six. There are plenty of other albums that came out in 2015 that I respect, that I enjoy, that I even love, but these are the ones that resonated the most, had the most memories or just made me the happiest.

What were some of your favorite albums of 2015?

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Christopher Davis
Reply January 25, 2016

I second Leon Bridges!

Oh, and I feel the same about the Father John Misty lines. ;)

Jonathan McMichael
Reply January 26, 2016

FJM is not bad. "When You Are Smiling And Astride Me" was on my wedding reception dinner playlist. He pretty much nailed early 30's college-educated white romantic love.

I might pimp a KY local girl for this list. Joan Shelley's Over and Even was pretty legit.

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