Weekend Lessons – Friendships in all Forms

Friends were at the forefront of this weekend. From dinner with friends in town from Australia to a wedding in Lexington with old college friends to a fall dinner party with new friends. Suffice it to say, Chris and I were social this weekend. However, amid the banter and catch-up chats, so many lessons were learned.

Journalism is like riding a bike. Saturday was my first in-person interview for a story in many years. Nerves filled my spirit as Chris drove us to Frankfort. My palms were a little sweaty. What if I didn’t ask the right questions? What if I didn’t click with the subject of my interview img_3235and she wouldn’t talk? What if I said something stupid? Although this flood of doubtful questions felt overwhelming, I didn’t let them stop me from moving forward with my job. I walked up to the bookstore, wiped away the sweat from my palms, and pulled open the door. Immediately, I was filled with the smell of books and surrounded by brilliant words, beautiful stories and creativity. Using this sudden burst of inspiration, I walked to the front desk, introduced myself and began my interview. As soon as I asked my first question, all the years of journalism I’d practiced came flooding back to me. It’s like these years of journalism drought had never even existed. I felt like I was finally doing what I was made to do again. The adrenaline that followed made it hard to sit still on our drive to Lexington.

Going to weddings with your husband means you always have someone to talk to. This weekend was the first wedding Chris and I have attended as a married couple. I awkwardly thanked him for coming to the wedding with me, and then he reminded me, he’d always come with me to weddings. I loved having him by my side. We talked, laughed, ate and even people watched. We kissed, held hands and just enjoyed each other. So much calm and contentment accompanies attending weddings with your best friend. It allows you to reminisce about the day of love you shared together and rekindle that feeling. Thanks Kate and Landon for a beautiful wedding!

Making something semi-homemade is better than going empty handed. On Sunday evening, Chris and I were invited to a fall kick-off dinner party. We weren’t in town for the weekend and were considering our option of buying something pre-made to take with us. However, the combination of cold weather and frugality overcame, and I decided img_3236to make something from the ingredients we had at the house. I made mini-apple pies with croissant roles, apples, cinnamon/sugar/nutmeg, butter and icing. Nothing can replace the smell of real apple and cinnamon resonating through the
house.  In turn, it served as inspiration – I need more baking in my life; it calms me. Stay tuned for my next baking endeavor.

Kentucky is a germination ground for great writers. This was a quote from my interview this weekend with Lizz Taylor from Poor Richards Books. As I stood in the middle of her store, shelves of words lining the walls on both sides and as we drove through central Kentucky, her thoughts made sense. This place we call home is extraordinarily beautiful, and its history is rich. It’s pregnant with stories and people ready to tell them. Later that evening, Chris and I talked to one of our acquaintances at the wedding mentioned above. He started opening up about how he’s a poet. He told us all about his methods and how he discovered his passion for words. The backdrop to this conversation was none other than the Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning, an organization that celebrates these KY authors. All of the signs affirmed this recent yearning I’ve had to write more and further solidified it’s purpose in my life.img_3238

Bourbon & Toulouse never disappoints. Every time we travel to Lexington, we have to make a pit stop at Bourbon & Toulouse. Nothing compares to their crawfish étouffée and their bread. This time, Chris and I enjoyed it outside on a beautiful Kentucky fall afternoon with the sky bluer than blue and the sun that perfect amount of heat to make you feel cozy without feeling the least bit hot. Our appetites and souls were content. **Pro Tip: Share a large portion with your partner/friend and order extra bread. This will leave you satisfied without feeling like you want to curl up on the couch and die from overstuffing.

This weekend opened my eyes to the various levels of friendships, and how sometimes people you barely know seem closer than people you’ve known for almost 10 years. Sometimes you meet people and immediately know you’ll be friends for a long time. And even sometimes those “old friends” can be skills and careers you haven’t practiced in almost a decade. Their presence can bring you a joy that’s unspeakable. Most importantly, I learned that no matter what, my best friend is always by my side and will always be by my side, and that’s the best lesson I could ever learn.

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Weekend Lessons – A Different Kind of Family Experience
October 03, 2016

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