WEEKEND LESSONS – Simple is better

It was simple, slow and productive, just how a good weekend should be – practicality mixed with fun. Nothing epic occurred, but several tasks that had been procrastinated were finally completed. Monday’s weekend reflection created a sense of satisfaction and contentment. Here are some rather light hearted lessons from this weekend:

  1. Always keep your drinks in the middle of the table at Silver Dollar. While in a delirium, from the plate of huevos rancheros I was in the midsts of consuming, a disaster occurred. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my Bloody Mary slowly creep off the side of the table and crash to its death. This spillage happened not in typical Meghan style with an elbow or hand. A ghost slid it off the table. When the glass shattered to the ground, everyone turned around and looked at me, and the need to convince everyone it wasn’t me took over. I explained the situation to my server, and he said that it happens often and that the tables were recently finished. This gives them a slick texture and glasses slide right off. You’d think they’d redo the tables, but, alas, they haven’t. Therefore, always place your glasses in the middle of the table or in your hand because they might just slide off timg_3360he table and make a “bloody” mess.
  2. My dreams of being a Braverman are finally coming true. This weekend Chris’s family hosted a birthday celebration for him. When we pulled up to their house, the front yard was decorated in Fall colors and lights were hanging from the roof. It felt magical. Throughout the afternoon, family members paused their Sundays to celebrate Chris. Even my parents and sister traveled from Owensboro to celebrate. Throughout most of the evening, the ladies joined together to talk about life and share stories. We watched our husbands play frisbee, climb trees and set things on fire. We laughed and we joked together. We talked about politics, mission trips, Victorian horror, church, soccer, relationships, cats and food. By the conclusion of this perfect evening, I knew I finally had it – a large family that loved each other through all the times.
  3. Chris and I work well together. Not that I didn’t already know this, but this weekend we tackled a couple of major tasks without even arguing. Since I moved into our house (July), we’ve discussed “cleaning out the backyard”, but almost every weekend thereafter has either been occupied or the img_3378weather has been terrible for such a task. However, this weekend was to be perfect, so we set an intention to finally complete the task. In only two hours and without a single fight, we cleaned down cobwebs, raked, swept, washed down tables and chairs, strung lights and rearranged furnisher. We were so inspired, we even rearranged our bedroom after the yard was clean. This time was a little more stressful, but we avoided potential arguments and were even happy with the result of the rearrangement. Now we are talking about other projects we can complete in our house; have a backyard that can be enjoyed by all; and have a bedroom that no longer requires me to climb over Chris to exit bed in the mornings.
  4. Pixel is afraid of dogs. To celebrate our clean yard, we had several friends over Saturday to have a fire and “carve pumpkins”. (We didn’t actually touch the pumpkins). One of our friends, brought over his puppy Brinsley who is a king cavalier. He’s one of the cutest puppies I’ve ever seen. When brought inside the house for a drink of water, Pixel (our smallest and arguably sweetest cat) was in the sun porch where Brinsley was enjoying his drink. Pixel has never seen a dog, so we were curious as to what her response would be. Immediately, her tail grew to the circumference of a grapefruit. Every img_3377hair on her back stood erect. She froze in a state of fear and bewilderment, stunned at this new creature. Eventually, when Brinsley started making little puppy sounds, Pixel ran in the other room. We didn’t see much more of her that evening. Purrmione was less afraid. Her tail remained its normal size, but her eyes grew to emulate saucers. She stared at him and nothing more. Walter was leery. He crawled low to the ground when Brinsley was around but never tried to attack him or get his attention in any sort of way. In conclusion, it doesn’t seem like a dog could fit into our household equation anytime in the foreseeable future. I’m content holding Brinsley until then.
  5. Patty Harris’s gumbo is incredible. I’ve always been a fan of cajun food. It’s literally one of my favorite things to consume. My sister, Hannah, has roots in this cajun world, and I’ve heard tale since we met that her mother makes amazing gumbo. Until this weekend, I’d never had the chance to experience Patty Harris’s gumbo. As Hannah and Jon were on their way to our house Saturday night, Hannah texted me that she was bringing me over a surprise. I wouldn’t dare dream that it could be something so tasty. When she arrived at the house, she handed me a plastic container. I peered in it and knew my dream had come true. I literally jumped three feet, when Hannah finally said it was authentic gumbo. I opened it immediately, took an amazing inhale and started spooning it out into a bowl, preparing it for consumption. The flavors were perfect! I was in love. I still have some leftovers and can’t wait to savor it this week for my lunches. I’m not planning on sharing. Thank you Patty for making incredible food, and thank you Hannah for sharing it with me. 
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Hello friends! I’m Meghan, a lady on the petite side of life, but I’ve never let that stop me. Some call me spunky others call me sassy; but I always try to round that out with some sugar. A tried-and-true realist, I want this blog to honestly capture my attempt at living life to the fullest.

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Patty Harris
Reply October 18, 2016

That's so sweet Meghan. Glad you liked it!

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