Why I Chose to Make Early Mornings Habit

My bed is the most comfortable in the mornings. The mattress feels softer; my silk pillowcase feels cooler; and the cats are cuddlier. I often lack the discipline to make myself rise out of it until somewhere between 9 to 10 a.m.

Inevitably, a sense of guilt festers. I feel bad for sleeping so late and wasting my mornings. So I spend the first hour of my day beating myself up for sleeping too much. In turn, I start most mornings in a grumpy state of mind. I usually overcome the grumpiness within an hour or two of rising, but somedays I never do. Obviously, this isn’t healthy, so I wanted to do something about it.

Queue me writing out “Wake up between 6:30 to 7 a.m. every morning (weekends included) for two weeks” on a slip of paper, folding it up, and dropping it into The Life Jar (What is that?)  

My soul knew that out of 40+ challenges, this was the one I needed. Although when I drew this first challenge last Sunday night, I couldn’t hide my disappointment. I was hoping for something a little more exciting.

But then Miss Virgo (my birthday is August 25) kicked in, and I started analyzing this challenge, and decided on five reasons, I believe two weeks of early mornings is the best possible challenge to start this new lifestyle.

Five Reasons to Wake Up

  1. Accountability is the missing ingredient for accomplishment. If I don’t have someone or something holding me accountable, I usually won’t do said thing for very long. For example, until I joined a yoga studio, had to sign up for classes and was charged a fee if I didn’t show, I hardly ever worked out. Now I’m there at least 5 times a week and even teach classes. I must have accountability to maintain good habit. That’s why this jar of actions is so important. I told myself I would do it, told everyone I know I would do it, and now I must hold myself accountable to the people close to me.
  2. Mornings are my time to indulge without distractions. I give myself until 9:30 a.m. to do whatever I want to do in the mornings. I can write, go the beach, attend an outdoor yoga class, embroider new designs, go to a coffee shop and read, play with the cats, read the news, listen to a podcast. Now, the distractions of the day won’t get me down because I’ve spent a couple hours in the morning reveling in the things that make me happy.
  3. Discipline is good. I recently quit my job and have more time on my hands to pursue my dreams of writing and teaching barre/fitness classes. It’s only been about a week, but not having the rigor of client meetings, work travel, software trainings and implementation builds has put me in charge of filling my day with productive activities. Waking up at 9 or 10 a.m., I rush out of bed without a plan and just start doing. By midway through the day, I feel a little lost. But now, early mornings will provide me the ability to set my goals for the day and be more intentional with my time.
  4. Expanding my fitness network is necessary. Because one of my big goals is to become a barre / fitness instructor and eventually open my own studio, rising early opens up a whole new slew of classes I can take around the city. I can learn from new instructors and start building up my fitness network.
  5. I need more productive hours in a day. The goal of the #jaroflife project is to inspire me (and everyone who follows along), to turn our words into actions. I want to stop talking and start doing. The rigor it takes to wake up every morning 2-3 hrs before I normally do, sets the stage for the structured behavior I’ll need to complete the other tasks waiting in the jar. By taking advantage of these morning hours, I’ll have more time in my day to accomplish the other goals set out to for me to complete.

I woke up  more excited than I do when I’m about to set out on a vacation. I can’t wait to see how this lifestyle change shapes me, and I can’t wait to share the journey with you.

If you’re interested in joining the final week of my challenge to wake up one to two hours before your normal time, comment below. I’d love to share this journey with you!

Be brave. Be strong. Transform those thoughts into actions, and watch what happens!

Meghan Cain-Davis
About me

Hello friends! I’m Meghan, a lady on the petite side of life, but I’ve never let that stop me. Some call me spunky others call me sassy; but I always try to round that out with some sugar. A tried-and-true realist, I want this blog to honestly capture my attempt at living life to the fullest.


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Tina Cain
Reply July 3, 2018

Hey Megs! Good early morning! I have been trying to join you but,since you inherited that "I can't stand to wake up" gene from me, I end up staying up late to complete my goal at night instead of doing them in the mornings!

Sabrina H Jones
Reply July 3, 2018

This is something I need to implement!! I’m starting a new job next week and I think I’m going to start on Monday. I feel more grounded if I wake before the rest of my house does. Have you ever done Morning pages? I’ve read about them but never implemented them!

    Meghan Cain-Davis
    Reply July 4, 2018

    First, congratulations on the new job! Where will you be working? I haven't done Morning Pages, but I just googled it, and it looks so cool. I may have to add that into The Life Jar! Let me know how your mornings are going and if you start Morning Pages.

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